Treatment of Pain


Neuromuscular Electrodynamics

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HL Meditech is engaged in the development of a biomedical pain treatment solution that integrates smart phones through technology transfer from Professor Ahn Sang Ho of Youngnam University. Developed as a solution that treats biomedical information on the healthcare platform directly at the service level, specializing in a biomedical pain treatment solution linked to an open healthcare platform, out of the existing simple electric therapy device. The company's products have been applied to pre-clinical results to demonstrate the clinical effects of muscle and pain disorders, and to provide optimized stimulation points with proven electrical stimulation techniques over many years of research. With the increasing interest in small and mobile medical devices, demand for products that can identify various medical solutions on smartphones and tablet PCs is increasing. As a result, It is likely to become a major strategic product in the industry.

"No matter how healthy you are,
You are like a patient ... "

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Health Service

Deep muscle electrical stimulation

Reaches deep muscles to cure the pain.

Smart-Phone Interlock
Anytime, Anywhere

Easy to use anywhere in your office, home, or car

A professional medical device with clinical results from university hospitals.


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